Much like its movie counterpart, the Recording Academy has completed its annual Awards review and has established new amendments and key dates that would affect the 59th Annual Grammy Awards. The most notable amendment would be the fact that recordings that are only available via streaming services are now eligible for the Grammy Awards.

Previously, albums and singles were required to be available for purchase in order to be eligible for the Grammy Awards. With this amendment in place, albums and singles that were released on streaming services such as Spotify will also qualify for Grammy nomination.

Of course, only albums and singles on ‘applicable streaming services’ will qualify for a Grammy consideration. The Recording Academy considers ‘applicable streaming services’ as “paid subscription, full catalogue, on-demand streaming/limited download platforms that have existed as such within the United States for at least one full year as of the submission deadline.”

The 59th annual Grammy awards will take place on the February 12th, 2017. Albums and singles that are released between October 1st, 2015, and September 30th, 2016, will be eligible for nomination.

Source: Grammys, Pitchfork