Shazam is now rolling out an update on the Google Play Store, adding a cool new nifty feature which comes in handy for those Shazam-ing their radio music in danger while driving. That’s right, Shazam-ing drivers can now bid goodbye to risking their lives to know what’s that new hit single playing on radio with this new Auto Shazam feature.

Auto Shazam can be activated via the Shazam app’s home screen, which has the “auto” button at the top right corner. By activating Auto Shazam, the music discovery app will be actively listening to music that’s being played without the hassle of going into the app to tap on the Shazam button. So instead of risking your life or embarassment when you’re keen on identifying a song, Shazam gets the job done for you.

Identified music titles will show up on the My Shazam tab when you revisit the app. Auto Shazam will even work without the Shazam app running in the background. Say hello to the new hands free Shazam app. The app update is currently available on the Play Store here. What do you think of this nifty feature?

Source: Google Play Store

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