Many of you who follow Twitch streamers would be aware that some streamers rely on the charity of their viewers to make a living. Donations to streamers are pretty common nowadays and is usually their main source of income. That said, trolls doing massive donations and then pulling said donations back via chargebacks or disputing said transaction with either the bank or the website used to complete said transaction isn’t exactly new either. So it is rather pleasing to hear that such a troll was denied a refund by PayPal, forcing him to commit to his USD 50,000 donation.

First reported in a reddit thread, a Twitch member named iNexus_Ninja has been going around donating huge sums of cash to various streamers on Twitch. Some of the streamers that were on the receiving end of said donation includes NoSleepTV, Sodapoppin, LegendaryLea, and Dizzykitten, and the amount that each of these streamers received range in the thousands of dollars.

Of course, these donations were meant to be a mean-spirited joke. According to a YouTube video created by LiveStreamFails, it seems that iNexus_Ninja planned to cancel all transactions through PayPal after a month, meaning that all donations that were done by him would be deemed void. Unfortunately for Ninja, PayPal denied him the refund, which means that USD 50,000 donation ain’t going back to him.

To make the schadenfreude even sweeter, reddit dug through iNexus_Ninja’s Twitter account to discover that all donations were done via his parents’ credit card, and we can safely assume that Ninja’s parents aren’t going to be happy about his shenanigans. In short, a Twitch troll loses USD 50,000 in cash and will possibly be schooled by his parents, and the would-be victims will get to enjoy the money he so ‘generously’ donated. 

Source: Motherboard, reddit


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