Lenovo has kicked off Tech World 2016 at Silicon Valley, San Francisco today, and the company has showcased a thing or two which are pretty much revolutionary for the present and the near future. How about a phone that bends and a foldable tablet?

Two concept devices were flaunted at the San Francisco event today, led by Lenovo Senior Vice President and CTO Dr Peter Hortensius. Prior to that, he got Ashton Kutcher up a ladder to do a drop test whilst showcasing shatterproof screens on smartphones. YouTube sensation Megan McCarthy was given the honor of demonstrating how the bendable devices work.

Lenovo Tech World 2016: A phone that can be bent to fit your wrist 2

Indicating that she didn’t have any pockets to keep her phone, she then snapped and bent the phone onto her wrist, resulting in a shocked reaction by majority of the live audience. Though it the phone didn’t look too pretty on her wrist, it’s a usability feature that might just come in handy in the future. McCarthy later pulled out a tablet with a cute kitty picture on display, and eventually folded the tablet in half, for her to “make serious business phone calls”. The folded tablet/phone hybrid was then unfolded back into its original tablet form factor.

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On a sadder note, those devices were only concepts to showcase Lenovo’s work on bendable and foldable display. As of now, there isn’t a product yet. Looks like Samsung aren’t the only ones working these innovative displays. Who knows? We might see Lenovo rolling out a bendable smartphone or a foldable tablet before Samsung does. Stay tuned as we bring you more updates from Lenovo Tech World 2016!

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