It has been about one year since Dragon Blaze has been available for download, and since its debut in May 2016, the game has been downloaded nearly 7 million times worldwide, in 16 different languages. With lots of new content updates released in that year itself, Dragon Blaze fans like yourself can expect another great year of mobile gaming with more high quality content churned out by GAMEVIL, publisher of Dragon Blaze and many other popular mobile games. 

dragon blaze dragon busters

One of the most exciting content this month is the power of Dragon Busters. There are seven Dragon Busters in total: Dragon Busters Pluto for warriors, Epsilon for priests, Stigma for rogues, Omega for paladins, and Ouranos for archers. These are ancient artifacts that have been long forgotten, however its emergence will provide you with the strongest allies. You can unlock its power by crafting a Dragon Buster Key equippable by either your character, Boden, Quinque Draco, or Septem Archangel ally of the same class. 

dragon blaze new content

If you have not downloaded Dragon Blaze, hurry up and do so to enjoy more exciting content and gameplay to come! You can download on Google Play, or on App Store