With Lenovo’s Tech World event happening later this week, we have some leaks of an alleged Lenovo smartphone which might just turn out to be Google’s first ever Project Tango phone. Lenovo has announced that it will be partnering with Google to work on the first Project Tango device available for consumers earlier this year during CES 2016. Prior to Lenovo Tech World this Thursday at Silicon Valley, familiar face Evan Blass has revealed what might be the first Project Tango phone.

According to a tweet by Blass, the first Tango device will be named the Lenovo PHAB2 Pro. But this phablet could prove to be a handful for most consumers as it is said to sport a colossal 6.4-inch display. Project Tango is a platform that uses computer vision, with the help of sensors and camera, to give devices the ability to triangulate their position, without the need of a GPS. This Google project is meant to provide an augmented reality experience for consumers, and Google has demonstrated how the technology can assist professionals such as architects and interior designers, giving them the ability to simulate home interiors more efficiently.

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Screen sizes as big 6.4-inch one on the Lenovo PHAB2 Pro might be required for Project Tango, but we can’t tell for now. Moreover, the display happens to be of QHD resolution, according to the tweet by Blass. Till then, stay tuned as the Lenovo Tech World commences this Thursday.

Source: Evan Blass (Twitter)

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