If you want to own an iPhone 6s but feel that it is a tad too pricey, Maxis may have something that you might fancy. The telco of green today has launched its Trade In, Trade Up programmme that would allow anyone to own the iPhone 6s for as low as RM840 or just RM35 a month without needing to pay any cash upfront via Maxis Zerolution.

The way this work’s is simple. Bring your phone to a Maxis Centre or Maxis Exclusive partner and ask for the Trade In, Trade Up programme. From there, if your phone is still in working condition, you will receive, at minimum, a RM240 discount upon trade in. This discount works even if your phone was first bought back in 1990. If you’ve long since lost your phone’s box or charger, not to worry as Maxis will still accept the phone.

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The only requirements that your phone needs to fulfill to be eligible for a trade up is that it must be able to be turned on and off, and the IMEI must be accessible. The phone’s display screen, as well as the buttons and casing, must not be cracked, missing or damaged in any other way. If you’re trading in an iPhone, the iPhone feature must be unlocked. 

From there, you are able to enjoy a discounted Zerolution monthly fee over 24 months, as well as an 16GB iPhone 6s, for as low as RM35 per month.