Pebble has returned to Kickstarter, and this time, their latest Kickstarter project will help fund not one, not two, but three different products, two of which are updates to their previous watches, while the third is an all-new product from the company.

Before we get into the new product though, let’s talk about the watches. Called Pebble 2 and Time 2 respectively, both these watches are updates for the pre-existing Pebble and Time watches from the company. As usual, both the Pebble 2 and Time 2 will come with all the features that came with the original iteration of the devices, but this time, it’ll also feature a heart rate mointor as well as an updated suit of Health tools. As always, the watches will be compatible with Android and iOS.

Moving on, we have Pebble’s latest device. Called the Pebble Core, this ultra-compact and ultra-lightweight device is made to “free you from armbands, hip pouches, and other hassles of exercising with your phone, while keeping you connected and in control.” There will be two versions of the device: Pebble Core for Hackers and Pebble Core for Runners. Pebble Core for Runners is sort of a pseudo-iPod Shuffle that comes with 3G connectivity, allowing you to stream music from Spotify as well as sync GPS data with apps like Runkeeper, Strava and Under Armour Record.

As for Pebble Core for Hackers, the company is touting the device as a hackable computer on your keychain. The device is pretty much an unlocked Android 5.0 computer that comes with GPS tracking, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G connectivity, voice interface, and thanks to the open nature of the device, many other third-party features.

Right now, the Pebble Kickstarter has already achieved its goal of USD 1 million. At the time of writing, the Kickstarter has managed to raise USD 5.9 million with 35 days left to go. Early bird special pledge levels for the Pebble Core and Pebble 2 are still available, but the Early Bird Time 2 pledge level has been completely taken. Judging by Pebble’s history, this Kickstarter is one you can trust to deliver, and as such, if you’re looking to get a relatively affordable smartwatch, or even a tiny fitness/programmable device, this Kickstarter should be one that interests you.