It’s been one year since Southeast Asia’s Internet TV service, iflix, has gone online, and since then, the company has grown at a tremendous rate. To celebrate their one-year anniversary, iflix has revealed some very interesting details regarding the viewership trends in the region as well as the future plans for the company.

iflix celebrates its one-year anniversary; promises more things to come 1

First off, the viewership trends. iflix has provided us with some rather interesting details about the viewing habits of iflix subscribers. For one, iflix’s peak hours is recorded at 9pm to 12am, which is a time where most people have already gotten home from work and before they head to bed. Another interesting thing to note is that Malaysian iflix subscribers clock in an average of 115 minutes of viewing time per day, with a majority of that viewing time being focused on dramas.

Moving forward, iflix has plans to both improve, as well as expand their services to other regions in Southeast Asia. Besides that, iflix will be improving their library with a slew of high-demand content. These contents include House MD, Avatar, The Office UK and US, as well as exclusive content like season 2 of Mr Robot and Hunters. Iflix has also mentioned that the company is working together with Maya Karin to produce original content that will be available exclusively on the service as well.

iflix celebrates its one-year anniversary; promises more things to come 2

Rounding things up, iflix has also announced that they will be hosting the ‘Go Binge or Go Home’ contest. Available to all iflix subscribers, all you have to do is to watch as many shows on iflix as possible from the 26th of May until the 1st of June. Those who do so will stand a chance to win prizes such as a full HD television, a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, or even a one-year free subscription to iflix.

iflix celebrates its one-year anniversary; promises more things to come 3

“We are so thankful for the overwhelming support we have received from our studio, marketing and telco partners and most especially our amazing members this past year! We can’t wait to share our exciting new content line up, including many exclusive titles which we are making available to consumers for the first time in Malaysia. Bring on Year 2!” says Azran Osman-Rani, CEO of iflix Malaysia.

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