Today, Synology has announced two new network-access storage (NAS) devices, both of which are made for business. 

Synology debuts two new business-oriented NAS 1

First of the two new products is the DiskStation DS116. Powered by a 1.8GHz dual-core processor with encrypted data transmission capabilities, the DS116 is a budget friendly storage solution that comes with comprehensive add-on features like file sharing, collaboration software, and much more.

Synology debuts two new business-oriented NAS 2

The device itself delivers high speed performance, with a read/write speeds that exceeds 111 MB/s and 112 MB/s respectively. The dedicated hardware encryption engine found in the DS116 also allows the device to read and write encrypted files quickly, clocking in at 112MB/s for encrypted reading and 93 MB/s for encrypted writing. Dual USB 3.0 ports provides fast data transmission to a wide range of external devices. Despite the high read-write speeds, the DS116 manages to be energy efficient as it consumes only 10.68 watts while accessing data and 6.28 watts during disk hibernation.

Synology debuts two new business-oriented NAS 3

For those that want their NAS with a little more kick in it, Synology has the DiskStation DS916+, a 4-bay scalable NAS designed for professionals and growing businesses. Powered by a quad-core CPU, the DS916+ is able to handle rapidly growing storage capacity needs. The NAS itself comes equpped with DiskStation Manager (DSM) 6.0 and versatile add-on packages, giving users the ability to perform seamless file syncing and sharing, productive collaboration, and smooth disaster recovery.

Synology debuts two new business-oriented NAS 4

Much like the DS116, the DS916+ is also capable of delivering oustanding read/write speeds. With an encrypted read speed of 225 MB/s and an encrypted write speed of 209 MB/s, the DS916+ is able to handle a wide range of computing tasks in  a secured and robust working environment. The DS916+ comes in 2GB and 8GB variants for those who require more flexibility in concurrent connections and virtualization.

Both devices are available now with the DS116 retailing for RM799. The 2GB version of the DS916+ is priced at RM2,650, while the 8GB version is priced at RM2,899.

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