Talk about integration and seamless user experience, YouTube is currently rolling out a messaging feature on both iOS and Android platforms, meaning that you might not have to leave the app to share a video to your mates.

The added feature works pretty much like any other messaging app, allowing you to share videos to selected friends within your circle, either individually or as a group conversation. YouTube also knows that emojis play a vital part in our lives now, hence emojis can also be used within the messaging tab. All conversations ahd your shared videos are under a new Shared tab in the YouTube app.

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YouTube also allows you to reply to internal messages by sharing a video instead of the usual text reply. A lame example would be sharing a “Justin Bieber – Sorry” music video instead of apologizing to someone you’re texting in the app. The new integrated messenger in YouTube brings it head-to-head with Facebook videos. What do you think?

Source: Wired