We’ve come across multiple rumors stating that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be launched earlier than expected. Some say that the flagship phablet will arrive way before the launch of Apple’s iPhone 7 in order for Samsung to grab hold of the consumer market as much as they can before Apple steps in. However, popular leak source Evan Blass claims that there won’t be an early unveiling of the Note 6.

According to Blass on his Twitter account @evleaks, the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is set to be released during the week of August 15th, which is a whole year after last year’s August 13th launch of the Galaxy Note 5 in the US. The Note 5 was however, released a month earlier than its predecessors from the past couple of years. Blass, being one of the most reliable sources in the tech world, could prove to be right again.

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It looks like we won’t be expecting the Note 6 to arrive earlier as rumored before. Based on earlier leaks, the Galaxy Note 6 might sport a Snapdragon 823 processor, alongside 4GB or an unnecessary 6GB of RAM, with a 5.8-inch QHD display on the front. The phablet is said to retain the same camera optics from the Galaxy S7 series. What will you expect of the Galaxy Note 6?

Source: Evan Blass

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