Not too long ago, the UI of the Instagram has been redesigned to a more cleaner and simplistic look. That was during late April and oddly, Instagram did not officially announce the overhaul of their app design. Last night, Instagram has finally announced their redesigned app UI, alongside a new rainbow icon for the app itself.

Let’s face it, the old Instagram icon has gotten a little boring, not to mention aged over the years. After a much needed makeover, the new Instagram icon boasts more color compared to the old, plus it looks pleasantly simple. Boomerang, Hyperlapse and Layout also had their icons redesigned in the same manner, to fit into Instagram’s family of apps.

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Overall, the redesigned app UI and the icon seems very much iOS inspired, what do you think? The brand new Instagram icon and the overhauled UI are currently on the rollout to iOS and Android platforms.

Source: Instagram