The award-winning headphone brand known for its patented bone conduction technology and open ear design, AfterShokz, has officially made landfall in Malaysia. To mark this occasion, the company has debuted its signature product, the Trekz Titanium, to the local market.

AfterShokz debuts in Malaysia; launches the Trekz Titanium 1

With its unique design, the Trekz Titanium is an open ear headphones that is targeted towards the outdoorsman. It’s titanium frame and sweat resistance allows the Trekz Titanium to be incredibly durable and flexible, allowing the headphones to withstand a generous amount of punishment. The Trekz Titanium’s OpenFit design allows for uncompromised situational awareness which is crucial to those who are into activities such as cycling and running, allowing them to listen to their music without tuning out the everything else, which can potentially lead to accidents.

AfterShokz debuts in Malaysia; launches the Trekz Titanium 2

So how does the Trekz Titanium manage to deliver sound to the user without covering up the entire ear? Well, this particular pair of headphones utilise a relatively new piece of technology called ‘bone conduction technology’. Initially developed for military forces, bone conduction technology allows the headphones to broadcast clear sounds without any restriction to ambient noise in the surroundings. Besides the bone conduction technology, AfterShokz has also implemented PremiumPitch+ Sound technology into the Trekz Titanium in order to beef up the weak bass and the natural sound leakage issues that stems from using bone conduction technology.

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As for longevity, the Trekz Titanium is capable of lasting for quite a while. A full charge, which takes 1.5 hours, will give the headphone six hours of play time. Even a quick 15 minute charge would provide the headphone with enough power to last you through a long workout or marathon call.

The AfterShokz Trekz Titanium is now available for a retail price of RM 499.

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