Upcoming telco service webe willl be launching its telco plans soon. In the meantime, Telekom Malaysia’s digital mobility services arm and centre of excellence for mobility will be hosting a series of pre-launch campaigns called ‘850 by webe’. 

Starting from today, the webe850 app will be available for download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Those who download and use the app will stand a chance to win RM6 million worth of prizes, including a full year of free data and the chance to be among the first on webe’s new mobility network. One unique twist to the campaign is that those who managed to win rewards from the campaign will be able to choose between keeping the rewards they won, or giving it to their friends by sharing a unique QR code on their social platform.

“We want to engage consumers differently – we want members, not customers. And as a brand we want to touch on the communal energy in Malaysia to make positive change happen in Malaysia. This is why we designed the 850 by webe campaign to be centered around not just getting rewards, but giving rewards back to your community,” says Lai Shu Wei, Chief Marketing Officer for webe.

The first leg of webe’s pre-launch campaign will be held at Sunway Pyramid’s Blue Concourse area from the 11th to 16th of May. Throughout this period, those interested will be able to participate in the Amazing Maze where participants will be given a minute to scan as many QR codes as possible in order to win prizes. After a week, webe will be introducing a different activity which comes with different rewards as well. 


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