Boy do leaks come real fast, and we’re looking at yet another leak of the upcoming Moto X in less than two days. Coming from HellomotoHK, which was the source for the previous leak of the Moto X, we have discovered something that’s pretty tough of the Moto X 2016.

From the image, we can’t tell a whole lot. Just a front panel of the alleged Moto flagship, with an ugly screen film stuck above it, filled with air bubbles. Good news is, there seems to be no need for a badly fixed screen film, or a tempered glass of some sort, as the Moto X 2016 is rumored to sport a ShatterShield screen. ShatterShield technology was last seen on the rugged DROID Turbo 2 from last year, and will most likely make its way to the rumored DROID Turbo 3 as well.

Having a ShatterShield screen would mean that the Moto X’s screen will be uncrackable like the DROID Turbo 2’s. HellomotoHK also claimed that the Moto X 2016 will be sporting an AMOLED display, forming an ideal screen display duo. But that’s all we know for now. Stay tuned with us for more leaks like this!

Source: HellomotoHK