Making financial decisions is not easy since making the wrong choice can be quite painful to the pocket. On top of that, having to compare packages, prices and offerings can be pretty tedious and confusing as well. However, with the new easy-to-navigate GoBear website, you can now do your comparisons for insurance and credit cards as it gives you an unbiased side-by-side comparisons.

gobear launch malaysia

GoBear strives to be an internet company that specializes in an information platform that offers fair, simple, and complete search results, without selling or representing any specific products. It lists more than 1,000 financial products on its website with more to come in the coming months, and offers you the bare neccessities to help you pick the perfect financial product. 

andre hesselink gobear

Andre Hesselink, CEO of GoBear explained that GoBear is a global brand in the making, however, they are very focused on being local to serve its local customers. According to Iskandar Ezzahuddin, Country Manager of GoBear, the idea of GoBear originated from the idea that people want easy access to service information so that they can compare financial products easily before making a decision. 

gobear website

At the moment, GoBear features travel insurance and credit card information and comparisons, with a plan to further expand its offerings into car insurance and personal loan category by the third quarter of 2016.