It wouldn’t be a proper May the Fourth if there isn’t any Star Wars-related news. Well, we’ve got one as Respawn Entertainment have announced that they’ve been working on a new Star Wars game that will be published by EA in the future.

Little to no information was given as to what exactly this Respawn Entertainment-made Star Wars game would be, but Stig Asmussen, a game director at Respawn, has said that the game would be a “third-person action-adventure series” that tells a new story set in the Star Wars universe.

The announcement that Respawn Entertainment is creating a new game isn’t exactly a surprise. The Titanfall developers have been hiring programmers and animators for a “third-person action-adventure” series for the past two years. Indeed, Respawn Entertainment is still looking for people to work on this new Star Wars game. 

With E3 fast closing in, we fully expect EA to tease this game during their presentation. As for release date, it is safe to say that we can expect it sometime after Titanfall 2 is released.

Source: Respawn Blog


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