Widely used and all-popular messaging service and app, Whatsapp has been blocked in Brazil, after failing to comply to court orders withinn the country. The service has been suspended for 72 hours, by the order of a Brazilian judge, Marcel Montalvo. This suspension happens to be the second time for Whatsapp, which was also suspended for 48 hours back in December last year.

The suspension this time, including the previous count, was due to Whatsapp not handing over chat transcripts to assist in a drug investigation. Whatsapp CEO and founder Jan Koum has claimed on Facebook that since Whatsapp started to fully encrypt conversations, no one is able to read any encrypted message. The service started end-to-end encryption of all chats not too long ago last month. Koum further stated:

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“While we are working to get WhatsApp back up and running as soon as possible, we have no intention of compromising the security of our billion users around the world.”

Whatsapp’s previous suspension in Brazil caused quite an uproar among its millions of users, the 48-hour block was lifted after 12 hours. For more updates, stay tuned.

Source: CNN