The legacy yet revolutional Windows 95 operating system still remain in the hearts of many tech enthusiasts and developer hobbyists alike. The more than two decade old operating system still had modders trying to run it on different devices in different ways, ranging from intel-operated smartphones and the ease of running the OS of a webpage. Recently, developer Nick Lee managed to get Windows 95 operating on an Apple Watch, and it’s definitely functional.

Apple, known for its super secure operating systems, gave Lee a bit of a hard time during the process of getting Windows 95 running on the Apple Watch. According to him, the specs of the Apple Watch are more advanced than a Windows 95 computer, which isn’t surprising at all, given the 20-year age gap in technological advancement. Installing Windows 95 on the Apple Watch of course, isn’t a straight path.

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Lee was required to tweak Apple’s own development software, turning Windows 95 into a Watch app. The Apple Watch’s display also tends to go off after being idle for a while, hence he kept the Watch crown running with a motorized tube that he set up. Lee uploaded a video showing the operation of Windows 95 on the premium wearable, which shows a pretty slow process in general. As slow as it can be, Windows 95 was proved to function well on the Apple Watch. Watch how Lee operates a two decade old OS on a one year old smart watch here.

Source: Nick Lee  Via: The Verge

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