Now that Maxis has already upgraded their pre-existing postpaid plans, the telco company is now looking to improve their prepaid service Hotlink as well. To that end, Hotlink customers will be receiving free 8GB of internet per month for life.

Starting from today, Hotlink FAST customers will receive 2GB of 4G internet every week for the rest of their lives. As every month has at least four weeks, Hotlink FAST customers would receive a total of 8GB of free data every month. This free data is available to both current Hotlink FAST customers and new customers.

Maxis offers free 8GB of data per month for life to Hotlink users 1

If 2GB of data isn’t enough, Maxis will also be offering special internet passes that would increase your data quota. There is the 1GB daily pass that gives you 1GB of data for RM3, and the 5GB monthly pass that gives you 5GB of data for RM48.

“Our 3G and 4G prepaid users are Internet-hungry and they expect even more data for all their streaming, surfing and sharing on social media. Which is why we are constantly offering great deals and passes at great prices to keep them connected to what they love. And with 4G LTE phone prices falling as low as RM150 now, we also believe that 2016 is the year that most prepaid users will be getting their first 4G phone. Together with the explosion of streaming and sharing services on mobile, 4G data usage is set to explode in prepaid as it has done in postpaid,” says Navin Manian, Maxis Head of Prepaid.

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