It seems that MakerBot’s 3D printers will no longer be made in America as the company is looking to outsource the manufacturing of its 3D printers, as well as other products, to a contract manufacturer with facilities in China.

MakerBot’s decision to outsource manufacturing to contract manufacturer Jabil is yet another blow to the company. Previously, the company has had to lay off 20 percent or more of its staff in 2015. With manufacturing being outsourced to China, MakerBot is expected to layoff a number of its staff from its Industry City complex in Brooklyn, New York. Meanwhile, MakerBot’s headquarters, as well as its design, engineering, logistics and repairs team would remain in Brooklyn.

MakerBot will be outsourcing manufacturing of its 3D printers to China 1

“It’s a specific, painful decision in the sense that we’re going to have to let some people go, but it’s captured over a much broader strategic decision, which is a very important one and a very positive one for MakerBot in the long term,” says MakerBot’s CEO Jonathan Jaglom. 

Source: The Verge

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