Nexus devices often won’t grow obsolete in the Android rooting and custom ROM community, although they are usually forgotten like any other device in the real world of consumers. Launched back in 2013, the Nexus 5 was a hot-seller among Android fan-boys and stock Android enthusiasts, coming at an affordable price point. The handset proved to be popular as Google collaborated with LG to produce a direct successor to it – the Nexus 5X, which was unveiled in September last year.

However, all devices have their own drawbacks, and the Nexus 5 only comes with 16GB or 32GB options of internal storage, with no memory expansion available. Kapetz2, a user from the XDA Developers community, has taken this old matter into his own hands, and managed to upgrade the internal storage to 64GB after some dissection of the Nexus 5. Of course, this isn’t the first time a modder has tried upgrading a phone’s storage by replacing its flash chip, mostly with iPhones since they never come with storage expansion options. 

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Kapetz2 explained in XDA Developers forums on how he desolders the stock flash chip from his Nexus 5, before replacing it with a 64GB eMMC flash storage chip, which he got for a mere $30 (RM117.19). Although this seems like a job for those who have at least some form of DIY knowledge, it’s probably worth giving it a try since the Nexus 5 is already well-aged. Till then, stay tuned!

Source: XDA Developers

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