Huawei has put a lot of thought when it comes to designing its latest flagship: the Mate 8. Sporting a classy design as well as powerful components, the Mate 8 is a smartphone aimed at entreprenuers and business individuals who want a smartphone that looks and performs well at the same time. Here are some reasons as to why the Mate 8 is the perfect companion for your business needs.


A businessman needs to be able to handle multiple tasks at any given time within a small period of time. In order to do so, the businessman requires the best possible tool in order to get the job done. The Mate 8 is one such tool as it is an industry-leading flagship device that is capable of delivering the performance and features needed by on-the-go professionals. Sporting a Kirin 950 chip and up to 4GB of RAM, the Mate 8 is the most powerful smartphone in the market, allowing the businessman to stay more productive and connected than ever before. The camera on the Mate 8 is no slouch either as it features the industry’s greatest image-stabilization angle at 1.5 degrees OIS. This translates into great photos even if your hands are shaking or if you’re taking pictures within a moving environment.

Of course, hardware is just one half of the equation as a smartphone requires a decent software suite as well. The Mate 8 doesn’t disappoint in this are as it runs on the latest version of Android Marshmallow. Multitasking is made even easier on the Mate 8 as the smartphone comes with a split-screen mode, allowing you to multitask between apps easily. The camera software of the Mate 8 has also been modified to automatically recognize and save information on scanned business cards to the phone’s contact list, allowing the smartphone to double as a portable rolodex. 

Connectivity & Security

A businessman needs to be constantly connected so he can keep track of any changes within his company. In that area, the Mate 8 does not disappoint as the smartphone comes with built-in support for various netowork bands. The Mate 8 is supported in 217 countries and regions with 1,334 sets of operation parameters, perfect for the on-the-go professionals. Speed isn’t an issue for the Mate 8 either as the smartphone comes with integrated Cat6 LTE internet connection technology, which can offer download speeds of up to 300 Mbps. 

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Security is just as important, perhaps even more so, than the connectivity of the smartphone. This is why the Mate 8’s fingerprint sensor has been improved upon, and its far more effecient than its predecessor. The fingerprint recognition speed of the Mate 8’s fingerprint sensor is twice as fast as the Mate 7. The error has also been decreased by half. Even though you can unlock the Mate 8 via fingerprint faster this time around, the security behind it is as secure as ever, as the Mate 8 features hardware isolation between the operating enviroment and storage space of the Android system. Secure connectivity is a non-factor as well, since the Mate 8’s Kirin 950 comes with the TrustZone firewall and a secure OS, negating most if not all attempts at compromising the phone.


Every so often, a businessman will have to work extra hours. Should that happen, he would require a tool that would last the long hours that a businessman has. The Mate 8 made its name in terms of longevity as it comes with a 4,000 mAh battery, allowing the smartphone to last longer than the much vaunted iPhone 6s Plus. Further improving the longevity of the Mate 8 is the presence of fast-charging technology. With only 30 minutes of charge time, the Mate 8 will be able to gain 37% of its total battery life, which translates to a whole day of regular use.