Tune Talk has launched a new prepaid plan that is tailor-made for Indonesians living and working in Malaysia. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the Tune Talk Bisa Pak.

Tune Talk launches Indonesian-centric prepaid plan 1

So what does the Tune Talk Bisa Pak offer? For starters, users will be able to enjoy an IDD rate of 6 cents per 30 seconds, which is the cheapest call rate to Indonesia by any local telco provider. Besides cheap calls to Indonesia, Bisa Pak users will also receive 500MB of free basic internet per month, 20 minutes of free IDD calls to Indonesia and a rate of 5 cents per SMS. One important thing to note is that users will need to use the budget prefix in order to receive the special budget call rates.

Topping up the Bisa Pak will also net users with various rewards as well. By topping up various amounts to your Bisa Pak, users will be able to receive additional internet, talk time, and even plane tickets to Indonesia as well as an insurance coverage of up to RM100,000.

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