Over the weekend, the Kyushu region of Japan was hit by two serious earthquakes within the span of three days. Concerned over the potential of more earthquakes hitting the region in such a short period of time, Sony has decided to close its factory for an extended period of time.

Sony has said that the image sensor factory that is located at Kumamoto will remain closed while the company assessses the damage caused by the two earthquakes. Furthermore, Sony will also be partially suspending operations at another image sensor plant located at Nagasaki.

Sony halts production at factories located in southern Japan over earthquake concerns 1

No timeline was given as to when both factories would be fully operational again, but Sony has stated that they would provide an update later today. In the meantime, Sony has said that they do not expect any immediate supply disruptions for complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) image sensors any would announce otherwise should any supply issues emerge.

Sony isn’t the only one that will be stopping productions at their plants located in Southern Japan as Japanese car manufacturers Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Toyata have also closed down all their factories in the area until further notice.

Source: Reuters

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