Digi has made a new postpaid plan available today and judging from said new postpaid, it is aimed directly at their competitors in blue.

This new postpaid plan, the Digi Postpaid 80, has some similarities with Celcom’s own FIRST Gold plan. For starters, both plans are giving offering 10GB of data for only RM80 per month. Also like Celcom, said 10GB of data is split between data that you can use anytime and data allocated specifically for the weekends. 

The difference between Digi’s Postpaid 80 and Celcom’s FIRST Gold lies in its data allocation. In Digi’s case, the company simply allocates 7GB of data for anytime use while the remaining 3GB of data is allocated for weekend use. Celcom’s is a bit more complicated in that the company allocates 5GB of data for generous use while the company provides users with 1.25GB per weekend. As every month has at least four weekends, Celcom would have provided a total of 5GB of weekend data over the course of the month.

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Data rollover is also different as well. Whereas Celcom allows its users to bring over 5GB of unused data to the subsequent month, Digi’s would only allow its users to bring over 2GB of data. 

Judging from what both telcos are offering, it is safe to say that Digi’s data allocation is a lot more straightforward than Celcom’s.

Aside from data, Digi’s Postpaid 80 plan is pretty standard as it has unlimited calls and unlimited SMS to three Digi Friends. As always, Digi’s has indicated that the Postpaid 80 is a limited time offer, so if you wish to upgrade, you should do it soon.


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