Meizu, usually known for mimicking Apple’s iPhones when it comes to designing their own, has unveiled their flagship handset for the year, the Meizu Pro 6. It seems like the leaked Meizu roadmap of devices got a couple of specs wrong about the Pro 6 last month. The OEM announced their flagship in Beijing, not more than a day after the unveiling of the HTC 10.

For starters, as expected, Meizu isn’t shy in taking design cues from Apple for the Pro 6. The device features a unibody metal build, very similar to the likes of the iPhone 6 and 6s series. It is also housed in a impressively slim form factor of 7.25mm. It sports a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED display in 2.5D glass, keeping it at Full HD resolution, instead of the rumored QHD 5.7-inch display. The handset comes with 3D Press support, which obviously traces back to Apple’s 3D Touch technology. The company claims that the Meizu Pro 6 will be the first smartphone powered by a deca-core processor underneath the hood – a powerful Helio X25 SoC by MediaTek. Meizu is also keeping it less drastic, by providing 4GB of RAM instead of the rumored 6GB alongside an option of 32GB or 64GB of internal storage.

A Sony IMX230 image sensor sits on the rear camera of the Pro 6, packing 21MP. Meizu has incorporated an ISP algorithm, designed to make the camera focus in a snappy 0.07 seconds. The LED flash also comprises of 10 LED’s. In addition to that, the Pro 6 packs a fingerprint sensor embedded in the home button, that unlocks the device in 0.2 seconds. A slightly lacking 2,560mAh battery explains why Meizu opted for a 1080p display. Such capacity is nearly 20 percent shy from the standard roughly 3,000mAh battery capacity seen on this year’s flagships. Going with the flow is the implementation of the USB Type-C port in the Pro 6, which also supports Meizu’s own mCharge 3.0, which the company claims can juice up the device in 60 minutes. An added bonus comes in the sound department, with the Pro 6 coming equipped with a Cirrus Logic chip, which reduces power consumption by 55 percent, further justifying the handset’s battery capacity.

The Meizu Pro 6 will be offered in three colors – gold, dark grey and silver. You’re probably surprised that there is no Rose Gold option, since the Chinese OEM have always been aiming directly at Apple. The 32GB model comes priced at 2,499 CNY (RM1,497.95) and the 64GB model at 2,799 CNY (RM1,677.78). If you don’t plan to break the bank for an iPhone, the Meizu Pro 6 will probably be the next best thing without having the burn a hole in your pocket. Meizu’s impressive flagship joins the Chinese wave of flagship handsets like the Huawei P9 and the Xiaomi Mi 5, ready to take on manufacturing giants Apple and Samsung. What do you think about the Meizu Pro 6?

Source: Meizu


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