Waiting is now not as boring with Digi’s new offering. They have just launched a new offering dubbed Digi Video Freedom pass, which gives you bite-sized video passes to stream Internet video content without using your internet quota. This is a value-added service to enjoy content whenever you want without having to use up your quota to quickly. 

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If you have an internet plan with Digi, you can purchase and activate this pass from 15 April 2016 onwards via MyDigi app available on App Store and Play Store; and once you’ve gotten it, you can enjoy popular video content from Digi’s partners such as YouTube, iflix, Astro on the Go, Viu, tonton, Dailymotion and HyppTV. 

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According to Loh Keh Jiat, CMO of Digi, Digi Video Freedom is another positive step forward in connecting customers to what matters to them on the Internet. He also mentioned that Digi sees a shift in internet consumption and believes that a vast majority of the content that people consume online will be video. 

digi video freedom mydigi app

There are two options offered via Digi Video Freedom pass – an hourly pass or a daily pass. The hourly pass costs RM1 for an hour, while the daily pass costs RM5 for a whole day. For RM1, you can basically stream about 3GB of video content in a 1 hour time frame, while with RM5, you get about 10GB of streaming for the whole day. However, don’t go overboard as there is a fair usage policy tied with these passes, meaning once you have used up your quota from your pass, you will start using your plan’s internet quota again. However, according to Praveen Rajan Nadarajan, Digi’s Head of Postpaid & Digital Services, an average user should find this amount enough for his/her video streaming needs. 

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The whole point of introducing such services is also to allow Digi users to enjoy video content anytime, anywhere without worrying about running out of Internet quota. The hourly passes helps customers pass the time while commuting or even waiting in queues while the daily pass gives them the option to binge watch their favourite shows.


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