The HTC 10 was launched just less than 48 hours ago, generating mixed reviews from fans, the bad side of the mix mostly revolving around its $699 (RM2,716.63) price point, which is a $100 (RM389) increase since the HTC One M8. The device however, does sport typical but impressive flagship specs like the rest of the competition. But then again, the HTC 10 loses out to the Galaxy S7 since it isn’t water resistant. But wait, it is somewhat water resistant, but barely.

A Twitter user shot out a question to HTC’s senior global online communications manager, Jeff Gordon about the HTC 10’s IP certification and was given a reply: IP53. Compared to the IP68 rating on the Samsung Galaxy S7, the HTC 10 is dwarfed by a class. But still, some form of protection is better than none at all. The IP53 rating means that the HTC 10 is protected from water sprays, specifically less than 60 degrees from a vertical angle, and the device only has a limited protection from dust ingress, telling us that it isn’t absolutely sealed tight. The Galaxy S7 on the other hand can be submerged more than a metre deep in water and is fully dust proof.

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Just bear in mind that the HTC 10 would probably not survive tiny sprays of water, and based on its non-water-resistant history of flagships, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Will the IP53 rating of the HTC 10 make a difference for you?

Source: Jeff Gordon (Twitter)

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