While many of us whine over the time taken for Android Marshmallow to arrive to our smartphones, it is a different game when it comes to wearables. Marshmallow’s arrival to the Sony SmartWatch 3 seemed like a fairy tale for quite some time, stalling the wearable in neverland. The fairy tale has finally came true, making the Sony SmartWatch 3 the last Android Wear device to receive Marshmallow.

We’re not sure about the reason behind the delay but we’re glad that its finally here. This news comes from Google Developer Advocate Wayne Piekarski, who made the announcement on Google Plus: 

“The OTA for the Sony Smartwatch 3 (tetra) has started today, and within a week or so, it should be available for all users. When all Android Wear devices have the update, I will make another announcement so that developers know when they can remove API 22 support from their apps. We are almost there with the API 23 rollout. Follow me on G+ for further updates!”

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With that update, Google finally has Marshmallow running on all known Android Wear devices. The Marshmallow update, or as Google prefers calling it version 1.4 for Android Wear to the Sony SmartWatch marks approximately one and a half years since its release back in October 2014. For more updates, stay tuned with us at KL Gadget Guy!

Source: Wayne Piekarski (Google Plus)