Most of you may have heard that the LG G5 might be made of plastic instead of the advertised metal. YouTubers Jerry Rig and Erica Griffin had the LG G5’s supposedly metal unibody tortured, only to discover that LG might be using plastic covered with some kind of metallic paint, and it looks like the Korean manufacturer has finally broke the silence regarding the issue, releasing an official statement.

According to the official statement titled “Statement Regarding Material Used in LG G5 Uni-Body”, LG claims that the shell of the flagship handset is composed of LM201, a special aluminium alloy which was patented in February this year. The material is said to be used in high-end sports cars and aircraft to achieve durability and lightness. According to LG, LM201 was determined as the most suitable material to the G5’s curves. A coating of primer paint is applied onto the body of the G5. 

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The official statement further stated that if enough pressure is applied to the material, it can be scratched, exposing the gray primer paint beneath the pigment layer, leading to many mistaking the paint to be of plastic material. LG further assures consumers:

“We want to reassure our customers that the uni-body of the LG G5 is advanced aluminum alloy, not plastic.”

Was LG swift to respond? What do you think?

Source: LG