In August 2015, Google launched YouTube Gaming, to bring gamers all over the globe together, and allowing access to live game streams and videos alike, specifically for the gaming community. Ultimately, if not obvious enough, YouTube gaming was created to compete with Twitch, which is the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers. YouTube gaming took off, but did not fly as high as expected.

The folks at VentureBeat have found out that Google wants to compete again. This time, with another rival, Periscope. Google is said to be building a Periscope alternative, known as YouTube Connect. The app is said to be coming to iOS and Android platforms, and works just like Periscope and Facebook Live. There will be features like tagging and chatting, and a YouTube version of your newsfeed of your fellow YouTube friends.

The app is also rumored to be able to store previous broadcasts, after being streamed live. Live streaming is currently available on YouTube, but only true their Creator Studio app. Not only that, your YouTube account has to be “in good standing’. We’re not sure what that means but YouTube Connect will most probably make live streaming available to everyone out there. What do you think about this initiative? 

Source: VentureBeat


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