I know what you are thinking, but this isn’t the Pebble smart watch we are talking about, but the PEBBLE COBBLE (note that its all uppercase letters) is an audio amplifier shaped in a pebble stone shape made for your iPhone, requiring no batteries and powered from your iPhone’s Lightning connector, it is of course not as heavy as a stone and aims to take your music listening experience to the next level, the product is coming soon at Kickstarter at $45 (RM185), which is 50% off its intended $89 (RM366) price tag, hence that’s darn affordable if you are thinking to amplify your iPhone’s music listening experience.

COBBLE will deliver a bit depth of 24 bit, a sampling rate of 96KHz and +32dB of gain, which means your iPhone is ready to take on some high impedance headphones and music is upscaled to Hi-Res audio quality, the device’s 3.5mm headphone jack will also support earphones with mic and music controls, hence the reason why the company has mentioned that the device will not limit the phone’s capability and sets a difference from other external audio amplifiers. While this might not be the most powerful amplifier out there as it merely draws power from your iPhone instead of being powered by an external battery, it is something worth considering if you are on a budget seeking to improve your music listening experience on your iPhone.

To know more about COBBLE, head on to http://cobble.teicneo.com/ and sign up for their newsletter on their upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

[UPDATE 15/3/2016] The product has been renamed from PEBBLE to COBBLE, due to the naming conflict and trademark of the Pebble Smart Watch.


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