It seems that Twitch is attempting to branch out from being just a mere video games streaming website as they have announced that they will be launching the Stream First initiative.

So what exactly is the Stream First initiative? This initiative, according to Twitch, is focused on making sure Twitch broadcasting is built into a game’s design process from the outset rather than shoehorned in later in development. What Twitch is hoping to achieve with Stream First is that future games under this initiative would include some degree of audience participation. To get an idea as to what Twitch hopes to achieve with Stream First, Choice Chamber is a good example as to what Twitch hopes games created under this initiative would be.

Currently, Twitch has announced that three games are being developed under the Stream First initiative at Game Developers Conference. These are Superfight, Wastelanders and Streamline. Details on all three games are rather scarce at the moment, but all of them would allow Twitch viewers to affect the game via the broadcaster’s chat channel.

Source: Twitch, Kotaku


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