From rumors, renders to fuzzy images from Chinese social sites, HTC fans are hoping that the OEM will be able to redeem itself with the unveiling of the HTC One M10, whereas critics suggest that the upcoming flagship will turn out to be another flop.

This time around, we have somewhat clear images of the alleged One M10, thanks to Twitter user @tanalibera. Based on the rumors we’ve heard recently, the images pretty much interpret what we will be expecting when HTC reveals the handset. Looking at the images, the One M10 seems to maintain most design elements from yester-year’s flagships. On the back is the rumored 12MP rear camera, equipped with laser auto focus. Beside the camera lens lies what seems to be a slightly larger sized flash compared to its predecessor.

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Moving to the front is the alleged 5.2 inch QHD AMOLED display. Also accurate are rumors stating that HTC’s omitting the Boom Sound speakers as seen in the image. Below the screen is a reincarnation of capacitive buttons from on-screen ones, along with a physical home button in the middle. The images may be fake or a prototype of the M10 so don’t put all of your trust into them. What do you think about the M10’s look? Let us know your thoughts below!

Source: @tanalibera (Twitter)

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