Microsoft is said to delay the Redstone 2 updates of Windows 10 till early 2017. The rumored delay of the second wave of Redstone updates will supposedly coincide with Microsoft’s next Surface lineup in 2017. 

Microsoft’s next hardware lineup, which will most likely be the Surface Book 2 and the Surface Pro 5, is tipped to be announced in Spring 2017. By then, those devices should be rocking Intel’s next-gen Core processors in them, codenamed Kaby Lake.

While the Kaby Lake processors are said to be launched by Intel later this year, Microsoft still has a lot of fixing up to do in its current iteration of the Surface line – the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 as users have seen various hardware and power management issues with the devices, mainly related to the Surface-Skylake combination. Nevertheless, we are still expecting Microsoft to launch a non-Pro version of the Surface tablet and possibly, Microsoft’s own Surface handset as well. The rumored phone however, has to be taken with a huge grain of salt in case of disappointment.

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Fortunately, Windows 10 users will still be receiving the first wave of Redstone updates this June. Among its features are better integration within the operating system, and having more apps on the Windows 10 store. Will Redstone 2 updates be too long of a wait? Let us know at the comments section below.

Source: ZD Net

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