USB Type-C port seems to be the norm among most flagship handsets in 2016, with the exception of stubborn Samsung. Not only that, many powerbanks have been manufactured with an available USB Type-C port on top of the older micro USB port. Xiaomi has since joined the trend, with its announcement of the Mi Powerbank Pro.

While the “Pro” word isn’t something you would normally see when it comes to naming powerbanks, the “Pro” in the Mi Powerbank Pro isn’t just for name’s sake or for show. In fact, Xiaomi has explained how the different Mi Powerbank Pro compared to its older powerbank lineup. For starters, the additional USB Type-C port for owners of the new Macbook, the OnePlus 2, the Nexus 6P and 5X, the LG G5 and Xiaomi’s own Mi 5 will most likely favor this new powerbank.

Also, compared to Xiaomi’s previous generation of the 10,000mAh powerbank, the Powerbank Pro features a significantly slimmer form factor at 12.58mm, which is 42% slimmer than its predecessor, also weighing at a lighter 223 grams. The new form factor loosely resembles OnePlus’ own 10,000mAh powerbank, without the sandstone touch. Xiaomi has also taken into account smaller voltage devices such as its own Mi Band, whereby double pressing the powerbank’s power button will enable it to charge devices with small voltage.

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Other than that, Xiaomi claims charging times for the Mi Powerbank Pro to be shortened by as much as 40% compared to its predecessor, being able to be charged up in 3.5 hours with its newly equipped 18W fast charger. Priced at $22 (RM90.15), the Mi Powerbank Pro costs around 50% more than its RM59 priced predecessor. The additional RM30 or so will bring you an additional USB Type-C port for future proofing, fast charging capabilities and a significantly smaller and lighter form factor. What do you think about the Mi Powerbank Pro? Let us know your thoughts!

 Source: Xiaomi


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