While we are waiting for AMD’s new Zen processors to debut, the company has updated its Kaveri line up by introducing the A10-7890K APU and the Athlon X4 880 CPU, both chips aim to deliver great performance and new thermal solutions. The new AMD A10-7890K is currently the top of the line APU that delivers a 1.02 TLOPS of theorectical performance and comes with the AMD Wraith Cooler out of the box, the new Wraith cooling fan is made for silent computing with a mere fan noise of 39dbA and offers 24% more cooling fin surface area and 34% more fan air flow, thus generating less than one-tenth the noise of its predecessor. In other technical specifications, the A10-7890K is a 4-core processor sporting a fast 4.3GHz turbo clock speed, it has a pretty decent built in AMD Radeon R7 graphics that has a clock speed of 866MHz, which means you could easily do MOBA gaming with lots of frame rates even at max settings.

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With a long time history of offering great mainstream computing performance, the new Athlon X4 880 CPU sports a TDP class of 95W and now comes with a new near-silent 125W Thermal Solution which also features the Wraith Cooler’s near-silent operation and capable performance without the illumniated shroud, this is a quad-core processor with a base clock of 4GHz and up to a turbo 4.2GHz clock speed, AMD has also packed in the same thermal solution for the current A10-7870K APU. Both the new AMD A10-7890K APU and Athlon X4 880K processors have their multipliers unlocked, local availability hasn’t been confirmed  however AMD intends to start selling these chips at the end of March 2016, hence it shouldn’t be too long to wait for them to be available.

Source: AMD