Remember Sony’s PlayStation TV? The device that was originally meant to allow you to play your Vita games on the TV may have been discontinued as its Japanese product page has indicated that sales of the PlayStation TV has ended.

First spotted by a member of Neogaf, Sony’s decision to end shipment of the PlayStation TV may signify that the device is no longer in production. Coupled with the fact that PS Vita games have been few and far between, it is no surprise that the PSTV has been discontinued.

Since the release of the PlayStation TV back in 2013, support for the device has been rather disappointing to say the least. Originally pitched as a media hub that could play (some) Vita games, Sony has never really paid much attention to the device as a whole. The PSTV would receive a huge price cut not long after it was released, due to the fact that the device isn’t selling as well as Sony had hoped. With lackluster support, limited compatibility with PS Vita games and its use of proprietary memory cards, it is no wonder that the PlayStation TV woould be discontinued.

As of the time of writing, Sony has yet to clarify if the company is indeed ending the PlayStation TV.

Source: Neogaf