Not all of us are comfortable with wearing costumes out in public, but we can do it easily when it comes to a virtual setting. Since during this whole month everyone is still in Valentine’s Day mood, it is inevitable that we tend to find the slightest excuse to look for something nice to wear, especially with a large number of available costumes in Dragon Blaze. It is amazing how the developers and artists can come up with such whimsical costumes, which also makes pretty good cosplay pieces.

By the way, if you check out Dragon Blaze Facebook fan page, you will notice that there is a Valentine’s Campaign going on where you can win lots of Rubies to spend in-game. It is a super easy competition where you just need to submit which is your favorite Ally in Dragon Blaze. Check this link for more information. 

Anyway, here are some of my personal favorite costumes for Allies you might also find absolutely adorable. 

#1: Farrah Cute Knit Bikini

This particular costume is for Farrah the Healer, who is a Priest. Somehow, this Cute Knit Bikini costume feels pretty modern with the Vespa bike and all, but with an under-the-sea theme. She is, after all, a master of of Eden and a friend of all animals, but guess it never really occured to me that sea animals were part of that scope. This costume is basically a frilly bikini, with hair ornaments looking like corals and seaweed. The staff looks like a shell of sorts, and that red-faced octopus just cracks me up. Maybe he is feeling a little shy looking at Farrah’s sexy getup. Anyway, this is not just a costume to look good in; there are additional stats attached to it. That HP jump is quite a good addition especially being a healer.

#2: Gaela Fervent Hall Monitor

Ahh. The school girl costume. Gaela the Fallen usually looks pretty badass, but in this costume, she reminds me of a school girl in an anime who practices kendo. Who is also in a school disciplinary commitee. Who is a “tsundere”, meaning a person who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing their warm side over time. If you familiar with the common female character archtypes, then you will know what I mean. Well, the entire costume is cute, however, I find her shoes a little mismatched. It looks like some sort of Adidias-looking flip flops one would normally find at public washrooms, or at any bachelor pad. However, this costume also comes with pretty good stats, although not the best. 

#3: Blackaria of Purgatory

This is one sexy ally. Draco Blackaria is a Priest but she definitely thwarts the usual stereotype priest in terms of looks. Her usual look is already super sexy and smoldering, but this costume makes her look even sexier than usual. A very risque costume I must say. She looks like a dominatrix and somehow makes you want to listen to whatever she has to say. Her pet tiger now looks even more majestic with matching armor since he has to protect his mistress while she casts spells of life and death. Or maybe to protect her from pervs. The stats that goes with the costume is not too bad especially with decent increase in Critical Rate. 

#4: Kymael Zealous Bandmaster

I have to admit, any character with wings of some sort just looks awesome. This Angel of Justice of the Paladin class is usually decked out in archaic armor, but this costume makes her look like a typical girl band member with an icy cool demeanor. Paired with tons of lace and a lovely pair of black maryjanes, this costume is something you can probably wear to a J-rock concert. Notice that unicorn decal on the guitar? Maybe she is as rare as a unicorn. The costume stats on this ally adds considerable amount of strength, which makes this paladin a fearsome ally to have. 

#5: Brightspark Lovely Cover Up

Speaking of lace, this costume for Brightspark is full of it. It is dainty and girlish, and pairs well with what seems to be a pair of bikini. I think the crown garters is a little out of place though. Maybe it would’ve been better to have that on her head instead. The huge umbrella used as a weapon is amusing since I can imagine Brightspark swinging that around at mobs who would probably laugh at her; until they get hit that is. The best stats of this costume is the HP and a pretty decent Intelligence and Critical Rate increase. 

So, which is your favorite? Is sexy or cute your thing? Let us know!