With Sony announcing the Xperia X line of smartphone at MWC 2016, the biggest question was how is Sony going to handle the Xperia Z line. According to various sources however, it seems that the Xperia Z may be on its way out.

Speaking to uSwitch, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Sony Mobile, Jun Makino, states that Sony “will not be releasing a Z6” and that Sony is “turning to the next stage, with the Xperia X series”. 

Sony’s North American Senior Director of Marketing, Don Mesa, has also confirmed that there will be no Z6 this year as they will be focusing more on the Xperia X’s design philosophy.

“We knew that with this line we wanted to make sure that we had a certain philosophy when it comes to the form factor, what we’re putting into the device, the camera, the battery. We wanted to make sure that it comes across not just on the surface, but from our engineers too,” says Mesa.

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An important thing to note is that while Sony confirms that there will not be a Z6 this year, they have yet to explicitly state that they will be discontinuing the Xperia Z line. Whatever the case, it seems that Sony will be focusing strictly on the Xperia X line for 2016. 

Source: AndroidCentral, uSwitch