Huawei and Leica has announced their partnership today, aiming to reinvent smartphone photography. 

Huawei has been the third largest smartphone manufacturer globally since 2012, only behind giants Apple and Samsung. The Chinese company has also achieved a sale of over a 100 million smartphones in 2015, being the first Chinese OEM to join the elite ranks of Apple and Samsung. On the other hand, Leica, known for their “red dot” branding, has a history of more than a century, creating cameras and manufacturing lenses till today. Both companies have mutually agreed on the collaboration.

The partnership will cover research & development, design, user experience, co-engineering, marketing and retail distribution. Looks like both the companies have their arms open wide to each other. Smartphone photography has come a long way now, with Sony being the most prominent lens manufacturer for different OEM’s. Time will tell if smartphone photography revolutionize. Let us know your thoughts below!

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