Unlike many other smartphone company’s, OPPO didn’t bring their soon-to-be-launched smartphone to MWC 2016. What they did show off at Barcelona however, is far more interesting. 

At MWC 2016, OPPO revealed that it has managed to move image stabilization out of the lens and into the image sensor. This tech is known as the SmartSensor, and it works by calculating vibrations on the pitch axis, yaw axis and roll axis. Once the calculations are done, the sensor would then compensate for them using a voltage-driven microelectromechanical system (MEMS). OPPO has boasted that this new SmartSensor brings a new level of precision when compared with a traditional lens-based IS system, being “10 times more precise than lens-based technologies”. 

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The second piece of technology that OPPO unveiled at MWC 2016 is an upgrade of OPPO’s existing tech, more specifically OPPO’s VOOC quick charge tech. OPPO revealed that the company is currently developing Super VOOC Flash Charge, a quick charge technology that has the potential to fully charge a smartphone in just 15 minutes. In essence, Super VOOC will deliver a constant 5V of power, allowing a 2500mAh battery to reach 45% capicity in roughly 5 minutes. OPPO has said that the components made to support Super VOOC will rely on “premium and extremely reliable military-grade materials”. Super VOOC will be available for both Micro-USB and USB Type-C configurations.

Source: Android Authority