ZTE welcomes a new addition to its Spro lineup of smart projectors at MWC. Introducing, the Spro Plus Smart Projector, which is deemed as the successor for the Spro 2. With the Spro Plus, ZTE is taking the smart projector a step further, aiming at business and entertainment use.

ZTE unveils Spro Plus Smart Projector 1

The Spro Plus features a whopping QHD resolution AMOLED touch screen at 8.4 inches, powered by a big 12,100mAh battery, though there were no claims on the smart projector’s battery life. Under the hood lies either a Snapdragon 801 or 625, with an option of 32GB or 128GB of expandable storage. It runs Android Marshmallow and comes in WiFi and LTE variants.

ZTE unveils Spro Plus Smart Projector 2

With an improved projection ratio, placing the Spro Plus at a distance of 2.4 metres can project an 80-inch image on the wall. The smart projector also uses laser technology instead of LED, to achieve an ideal luminescence of 500lm under daylight or in a dark room. On the audio side, the Spro Plus has two 4w speakers featuring JBL Audio System, and HARMAN sub-miniature microphones for crystal clear voice pickups, with the ability to detect voices from as far as five metres away, ideal for group meetings.

ZTE is offering an IR Touch Pen, a game controller, a bag and a tripod alongside the Spro Plus. Based on what the smart projector can offer, we’re guessing that it certainly won’t be cheap, let alone affordable for the average consumer. Stay tuned for more MWC coverage!

Source: ZTE

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