With all the hype surrounding virtual reality, its easy to forget about augmented reality devices. At MWC 2016, Epson has announced the Moverio BT-300 Smart Glass.

Epson’s Moverio BT-300 Smart Glass is the company’s third iteration of the Moverio Smart Glass series. This time, the BT-300 sports a new, proprietary micro display projection system called Si-OLED (Silicon Organic Light-Emitting Diode). According to Epson, this projection system would allow the BT-300 to produce much deeper, truer back tones. Besides image reproduction, the BT-300 is 30% lighter than its predecessor, measuring in at around 60 grams.

For specifications, the BT-300 utilises an Intel Atom 5, 1.44GHz quad core chip. It will run on Android 5.1. A 5MP front facing camera replaces the previous iteration’s VGA camera. As the BT-300 is currently promoted as an enterprise/industrial product, the glasses are wired, not wireless.

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Pricing for the Moverio BT-300 has yet to be announced but it is highly likely that it would retain the USD 700 price point like its predecessors. Epson intends to begin shipping out the BT-300 by Q4 2016.

Source: Techcrunch