If you haven’t heard, Cyanogen and Microsoft have announced that they will be collaborating with each other in a strategic partnership. Cyanogen, who has its own custom ROM installed on the Oneplus One, was dropped by Oneplus last year after its fiasco with Micromax. Microsoft on the other hand, has been working it in pushing out its apps to other ecosystems, especially on Android. It recently acquired Swype, the keyboard app for further development purposes.

The strategic partnership mentioned earlier involves Bing services, Skype, OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook, and Microsoft Office. It turns out Cyanogen has incorporated most of these onto its new platform known as Mod, not to be confused with Cyanogen’s other entities like Cyanogen OS and CyanogenMod. Among the notable integration in apps are Skype in the dialer app, Hyperlapse in the camera app and the use of Cortana for voice commands over the OS.

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Apart from that, Cyanogen’s Mod platform also allows integration of third party apps into its OS. The company claims that this will be the start of a “Post-App Era”. It’s hard to tell where Cyanogen is heading to in the near future after this move, but time will tell. Let us know your thoughts below!

Source: Cyanogen

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