Phones aren’t the only thing that Samsung debuted at MWC 2016 as the Korean tech giants have also revealed the Gear 360, a 360-degree video camera that is meant to complement Samsung’s own Gear VR headset.

Built around two 15MP sensors, each nestled behind a fisheye lens, this camera can capture 3,840×1,920 resolution videos at 30 frames per second. The Gear 360 can also take 7,760×3,888 still images. There are no on-board storage of any kind for the Gear 360, so you’ll need to rely on MicroSD cards in order to store videos and photos.

The Gear 360 can be handheld as the camera does come with a handle. It can also be set down on a surface as it has a mini-tripod. Both the handle and the tripod can be screwed into an industry-standard threaded port, allowing you to use your own accessories in tandem with the Gear 360. Furthermore, you can sync the camera with the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge for remote-control features as well as previewing footage in real-time on your phone screen. Videos taken on the 360 will be able to be viewed, stitched and saved directly to a smartphone.

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Source : Engadget