‘Error 53’, the error message that disables iPhones if the phone’s connector that ran between the Touch ID sensor in an iPhone’s home button by unauthorised stores, has been the subject of anger for many iPhone users. Not wanting to prolong this issue any further, Apple will issuing an updated version of iOS 9.2.1 for users that update their iPhones via iTunes only.

In a statement issued to TechCrunch, Apple has stated that Error 53 occurs when a device fails a security test. In the iPhone’s case, the test was designed to check whether Touch ID works properly before the device leaves the factory.

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With the updated iOS 9.2.1, users will be able to restore their ‘bricked’ iPhones. This update is meant only for users who rely on iTunes to update their iPhones. According to Apple, those who update their iPhones over the air via iCloud would never have encountered Error 53.

Do note that this update WILL NOT re-enable Touch ID. If you wish to retain Touch ID functionality, you’re going to have to get your home button replaced by Apple.

Source : TechCrunch


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