With USB type C increasingly appearing on mobile devices, the technology has yet stumbled again, this time with Apple’s new 12 inch Macbook.

According to Apple, certain USB-C charging cables that come with Macbooks through June last year may fail due to a design issue. Because of that, affected users may experience their Macbook not being able to be charged, or not charging consistently. Apple will be providing newly designed USB-C charging cables to users who are eligible for this replacement program. This program also covers USB-C charging cables which are purchased separately as an accessory.

Apple claims that Macbook owners who have provided their mailing address during product registration or via Apple Online Store will be sent new cables by the end of this month. Other eligible users will have to follow a different replacement process. Firstly, identifying an affected cable as shown below:

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The first image shows an affected cable. which does not have a serial number after the text like the cable in the second image. The second image features the redesigned cable. Hence, only users with charging cables resembling the first image are eligible for the replacement program. Affected users will have to verify their serial number to confirm their eligibility. For more info, visit your nearest Apple retail store, Apple authorized reseller, or contact Apple support.

Source: Apple


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